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This page lists all the ranges in stock and the most popular special orders sorted by manufacturer, scale and historical period.

The search box allows you to filter the list by typing phrases. You can search for "15 mm Medieval" or just "Books".


Ancient (pre 1050)
Medieval (1050- 1500)
Renaisance (1500 - 1700)
19th Century

To avoid confusion 28 mm is used to cover both 25 and 28 mm scales and 15 mm to cover both 15 and 18 mm scales.

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Company Scale Category Range
Corvus Belli 15 mm Ancient & Medieval Weapon packs
Freezywater 15 mm Medieval Flag sheets
Freezywater 28 mm Medieval Flag sheets
Mirliton 15 mm Ancient Romans, 650 - 338 BC
Mirliton 28 mm Ancient & Medieval Heads, weapons & shields
Various 15 mm Ancient & Medieval Weapons packs
Various All Ancient & Medieval Books & Rules
Various 15 mm Accessories Bases & accessories
Various All Accessories Dice & Gaming Tokens
Vexillia 15 mm Medieval Eastern Europe, 1400 - 1500
Vexillia 15 mm Medieval Medieval Poland, 1400 - 1500
Vexillia 15 mm Renaissance Flag sheets



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All products suppplied unpainted.

Wargames miniatures and accessories are not toys, may contain lead, and are unsuitable for children under 14 years old.