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Vexillia selling high quality wargames miniatures and accessories since 2002.

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I have finally decided to retire at the end of March 2021 when the web shop and the business will close.  The clock is ticking:

On 16 December 2020 integrated checkout by PayPal will cease. You will still be able to place orders and checkout as before but online payment will not be an option. Instead I will be manually issuing PayPal requests by email.

Acrylic Game Tokens

Add style to your games with these high quality 40 by 20 mm laser cut acrylic tokens. They are 3 mm thick so they are easy to pick up and have rounded corners and etched text.


Mirliton: 25 mm Weapons, Shields and Heads

A selection of useful spares for ancient & medieval figures. Ideal for adding variety to your units or replacing broken items. Suitable for both 25 & 28 mm miniatures.


Hobilar Pdf Archive

The first hundred issues on two CDs. Each CD contains 50 issues of Hobilar, the journal of the Lance & Longbow Society, featuring articles on medieval warfare as well as many flags and banners of the period.

Details | Sample issue

Conflict At The World's End v2

Fast play for small actions during the Renaissance. Completely revised with additional army lists and scenarios. Pdf & printed versions available. Published 01 Dec 2014.

Details | Sample pages | Order

Ordering Online from 16 December 2020

Why things have changed & what to do now

As we are closing the web site at the end of March 2021, it was not cost effective to renew our annual shoping cart subscription just for four months.

Not renewing our subscription means that the cart still works but the PayPal integration doesn't. We still accept PayPal just not via the shopping cart. Bank transfers and cheques (UK only) are also accepted.

Sadly, this means we have to change the way we take payments. It's not as easy as before but overall it's not too onerous.

Step #1 - Order as Normal

Only the checkout options have changed

  • Use the web pages & "Buy Now" buttons to create your order.
  • Checkout by selecting the "Bank Transfer button".
  • Please provide a working email address or your order will not be processed.
  • The shopping cart will then send you an email confirming your order.

Step #2 - PayPal Payment by Email

Request and order confirmation within 12 hrs

  • We will confirm we have everything in stock in a second email.
  • This email will contain a link for the paypal.me facility for payment via your PayPal account.
  • At this stage all items will be reserved for 24 hours.

Step #3 - Payment by Card or Bank Transfer (Optional)

Let us know if you don't have a PayPal account

  • If you don't have a PayPal account please reply stating how you'd prefer to pay.
  • Card payment will be made via a standard PayPal request/invoice.
  • We will provide bank details to those wishing to pay by bank transfer

Step #4 - Confirmation of Payment & Dispatch

We'll let you know when your goods are on their way

  • To speed dispatch let us know if you've paid by bank transfer.
  • We will confirm all payments by email within 12 hours.
  • Orders will be dispatched within 48 hrs of receipt of your payment.

Problems & FAQs

  • Can't see what you want? Contact us for help.
  • We haven't replied? Check your spam folder.
  • Using Hotmail or AOL? Check you spam folder.


All UK stock. Usually dispatched in 48 hrs.

Company Category Discount Scale Range
Mirliton Ancients 50% 15 mm Early Romans
Vexillia Medieval 50% 15 mm Eastern Europe & Later Polish


Camps, flags, spare parts and vital bits & bobs.

Company Category Discount Scale Range
Freezywater Medieval - 15 mm Medieval & Renaissance flags
Freezywater Medieval - 25 mm Medieval & Renaissance flags
Mirliton Ancient & Medieval 50% 28 mm Heads, Weapons & Shields
Vexillia Renaissance - 18 mm Thirty Years War flags
Various Ancient & Medieval 50% 15 mm Weapons & Shields
Various Accessories 50% 15 mm Basing
Various Accessories 50% Any Dice
Various Accessories 50% Any Tokens

Books & Games

UK stock or available as pdf downloads.

Company Category Range
Freezywater Books Medieval History
Various Books Wargame & Campaign Rules
Vexillia Card Games Revolution! & WWII North Africa
Vexillia Board & Card Games Somme Series

More Information

  • Please check stock levels online before ordering if a link is given.
  • Payments for out of stock items will be refunded.

Stock Listings

The spreadsheets are kept up to date (unless there's been a flood of overnight orders).

Company Scale Stock Listing
Freezywater - Full range of books & flag sheets always available.
Mirliton 15 mm Ancient & Medieval
Mirliton 25 mm Heads, Weapons & Shields
Various 15 mm Weapons & Shields
Vexillia 15 mm Medieval Eastern Europe & Later Polish
Vexillia 15 mm Bases
Vexillia 15 mm Game tokens

More Information

  • Please check stock levels online before ordering.
  • We will happily confirm & reserve stock by email, telephone or voip.
  • Codes that go out of stock will be removed as soon as possible .
  • Payments for out of stock items will be refunded.


We accepy PayPal We accepT credit cards via PayPal

Please note

All products suppplied unpainted.

Wargames miniatures and accessories are not toys, may contain lead, and are unsuitable for children under 14 years old.