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Various Brands

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15/18 mm

Plastic Soldier Company
Campaign Games
Spare Weapons

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15 mm: Mirliton: Ancients

Code Description Price
RM 05
Early Romans (650 - 338 BC).
Infantry command (4 variants).
RM 06
Early Romans (650 - 338 BC).
Cavalry command (3 variants).
Please check stock online before ordering

15 mm: Various: Weapons & Shields

Code Description Price
CB012 Spanish oval shields (20). Spanish.
Corvus Belli.
VXEW006 Maces (15).
Please check stock online before ordering.

Basing Supplies for ADLG, MeG, TTS, DBx & FOG

MDF bases in packs

Code Description Price
TTV4015 40 x 15 mm bases. Pack of 12.
3 mm MDF and magnetic vinyl bases.
Static Grass - Autumn Mix (15 g).
Last remaining pack.
Please check stock online before ordering

Dice & Useful Gaming Accessories

Problems solved?

Code Description Price
EM001 Arrow Spinner (random colours)
Wind or movement indicators
Last two remaining.
DG01P 10 x 16 mm spot dice, opaque.
Choose from seven colours.
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Wargames miniatures and accessories are not toys, may contain lead, and are unsuitable for children under 14 years old.