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International Orders

Vexillia is a UK based small business.

The prices and delivery costs on this web site are in Sterling and include all relevant taxes.

VAT or not to VAT

Vexillia is not registered for VAT. Therefore we cannot offer VAT free prices to non-EU customers.

Prices are the same for all customers irrespective of their location.

Please note

Vexillia declare all orders as commercial samples.

Customers outside the EU are responsible for paying all applicable local import taxes and duties.

Please do not ask for your order to be marked as a gift in order to avoid these taxes.

Site Security

Last updated

29 August 2019

Airmail delivery costs?

Estimating airmail costs is very complex

We sell a large variety of items so the shopping cart adds postage based on order value not weight. We may be able to deliver your order for less if your order contains lighter products such as:

  • Paper flags.
  • Plastic models (sometimes but not always).
  • Books (also sometimes but not always).
With such orders it is our policy to provide a refund so that the charges more closely reflect our costs. However, please note:
  • The minimum charges listed below always apply.
  • The delivery charge includes more than just postage costs.
If you are at all concerned about this you may prefer to get a specific quote rather than use the web shop (see General Help).

European destinations

All delivery is by Airmail

Order Airmail
£10 or less £6.25
£30 or less £8.00
£80 or less £14.25
£100 or less £16.50
£120 or less £20.00
More than £120 * £40.00
Surface mail not possible within Europe.
* Assumed over 2 kg & split in to two parcels.

Non-European destinations

Airmail is standard and Surface is optional.

Order Zone 1 Zone 2 Surface
£10 or less £7.50 £8.00 £6.00
£30 or less £10.75 £11.50 £8.00
£80 or less £18.00 £18.50 £14.00
£100 or less £22.00 £23.50 £18.00
£120 or less £23.00 £24.50 £19.00
More than £120 * £45.00 £50.00 £40.00
Zone 2 is for AUS & NZ.
* Assumed over 2 kg & split in to two parcels.

Signed For Delivery?

Because parcels sometimes go missing

Just like UK deliveries, all international orders above a certain amount will automatically be sent using a tracked mail service. You will need to sign for your parcel.

A side benefit of the use of a tracked service is that parcels are given priority and can arrive very quickly indeed (3-5 days for airmail). Experience says that unfortunately this does not always happen and delivery sometimes takes longer.

A tracking number will be provided on request to allow you to track the progress of your parcel with your national postal service.

The use of a tracked mail service is a security measure and is currently incorporated into the delivery charges shown on this page for all orders of more than £30.00.

Thinking about ordering?

Get a quote by email

If you are unsure about using the web shop and want to check stock levels you can and receive a full quote by return. The quote will include airmail delivery as standard.

Please select the correct destination country

We need to know where you live before you checkout!

The shopping cart can make international ordering much easier for you but you need to say which country you are ordering from:
  • There is a running total in the top right hand corner of every page.
  • Initallly, this assumes you are a UK customer.
  • To change this, visit the basket at any time and change your location.
  • The total will then include airmail delivery to your country.

International orders over 2 kg

You can not sent parcels over 2 kg by airmail!

The shopping cart does not account for very large orders. If an order over 2kg has to be sent as two parcels, a split parcel supplement may be payable. If necessary, you will receive a PayPal request for any supplement due once the goods have been packed and weighed.

Placed an order but didn't change your location?

Don't panic!

If you place an order from outside the UK but didn't change your location then the delivery cost applied will be incorrect. To put this right we will usually:
  • Immediately refund any payment via PayPal.
  • The order details will be used to create a new order.
  • Appropriate delivery charges will be added.
  • You will be sent a new invoice & a PayPal request for the correct amount.
  • All orders ship once full payment has been received.
If you are within the EU you may simply receive a PayPal request for the extra delivery charges due.

Want lower delivery charges?

Cheaper but slower

As sending parcels by airmail is expensive, the shopping cart offers optional delivery by surface mail but only for customers outside Europe. Please note:

  • Surface mail costs less but is slower than airmail.
  • Delivery may take up to 56 days.
  • Airmail is the default delivery method.
Within Europe, surface mail offers no savings over airmail.

Orders with "Out of Stock" items

As sending small packets by airmail is now very expensive!

Overseas customers ordering items that are out of stock may:
  • Ask for a full refund, or credit note, for the out of stock items.
  • Substitute alternate items of equal value.
  • Pay extra for a split delivery if not covered by the standard charge.
Also, orders are normally posted within 36 hours but overseas orders may be delayed to avoid a split delivery if a supplier delivery is imminent.

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