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Vexillia specialises in importing high quality wargames miniatures from Europe.

There are also specially selected ranges from high quality UK manufacturers.

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15 April 2015

Conflict At The World's End v2

Fast play for small actions during the Renaissance. Completely revised with additional army lists and scenarios. Released 01 Dec 2014.

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Special Order Ranges

Baueda 15 mm
Baggage, DBx & FOG Camp sets,
Mirliton 15 mm
Fantasy, 1850-70, DBA & Impetus Packs

Mirliton 20 mm

Mirliton 28 mm
Fantasy, Historical, Diorama

Out Of Production Ranges

Discontinued Ranges

Campaign Games 18 mm
1815 Napoleonics
Capitan 18 mm
Napoleonic Naval Crews

Legio Heroica 15 mm
Renaissance Turks

Plastic Soldier Company 15 mm
WWII Tanks, Unit deals

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All products suppplied unpainted.

Wargames miniatures and accessories are not toys, may contain lead, and are unsuitable for children under 14 years old.